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The Inheritance Games Book Review:

HEY GUYS! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! I’m so very sorry for being MIA lately I’ve had a lot going on and I’ve also had writer’s block 🫡 BUT I AM BACK BABY! So for today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my personal thoughts about the book The Inheritance Games by JenniferContinue reading “The Inheritance Games Book Review:”

A Short Story Part 3.

HEY GUYS! You seemed to love the second part so I’ve decided to make it a whole series bahaha! So this is part three if you missed the first part you can find it Here and if you missed the second part you can find that one Here! Go read those first if you haven’tContinue reading “A Short Story Part 3.”

If You Were To Go To College What Would You Want To Major In?

Hey, ya’ll!! Today for Personal Finance I am writing a short essay on college! I’m still uncertain whether I will attend college, but this might change my mind! So without further ado let’s do this! If I were to attend college I would want to major in Personal Finance/Business. I’ve always loved my personal financeContinue reading “If You Were To Go To College What Would You Want To Major In?”

Abraham And Turkey Sandwich Lincoln

I will share a little bit about Abraham Lincoln for today’s post! If you’re confused about the name of the post then you have never seen Teen Titans GO! I will forever remember Starfire calling him that lol! So without further ado let’s do this! Abraham Lincoln was the 16th U.S. president. He was bornContinue reading “Abraham And Turkey Sandwich Lincoln”

Ideas For A Small Business!

Hey, ya’ll! Today I will be sharing with you my personal finance essay! I’m supposed to write about some small business ideas I could achieve one day. So let’s start! The first idea for me would be to start a small business that makes skincare! I’ve always loved doing skincare and I think that doingContinue reading “Ideas For A Small Business!”