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HEY GUYS! I had to repost this because I only got one entry </3 which is really sad so if you guys could please share this with everyone you know then that would be sooooo great and pleaseeeee re-post it on your blogs! I would love that so we can get this out to everyoneeee!! I HAVE CHANGED THE DATES FOR ENTRY AND FOR WINNING ANNOUNCEMENTS!

The entry deadline is: September 20th

And you have until October 20th to turn in your stories!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great summer and are excited for fall to arrive, to kick off the school year, and to end summer with a BANG I’m going to be doing a short story writing contest! If you could all help me get this out to a WHOLE bunch of people by re-posting this on your blogs and sending it to friends I would love that! I would like to try to get at least 25-50 people to enter ❤

A bit about the contest: 

The most amount of words you can use is 5,000 it can be fiction or non-fiction.

You can write a romance, horror, tearjerker, or anything you’d like to write about but please keep it appropriate. That’s all I ask!

If you would like to enter please enter with your name or a code name if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your real name, in the comment section down below 🙂

The entry deadline is SEPTEMBER 20th (bc we didn’t get enough entrys) and you have until OCTOBER 20th to turn in your short story! When you have finished your short story post it on your blog and tag me in it! 

Winners will be chosen on October 30th!

Winners will also be posted on this blog there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!

1st Place Winner will receive a picture drawn based on anyone in their story (your choice of what character it can be a person and/or animal) and a shout-out!

2nd Place Winner will receive a drawing based on the main character in their story. And a shout-out!

The 3rd Place Winner will receive a shout-out!

Have fun writing I can not wait to see how this turns out! 

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section!


Published by Drawing All Day

Have you found yourself on my bio? YOU STALKER! Well anyway! I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I also love drawing and writing fantasy stories- I'll let you in on something- be quiet about it okay? I'm writing a new book! (Shhhh don't tell anyone!) Thanks for being yourself each and every day (I know it's really hard I get it) Love you guys! Have an amazing day!

19 thoughts on “REPOST <3

      1. Hey, how do people enter? Is there a form?
        Also, my grandma helped my cousin write a story for the contest, can they enter it? And Rebecca want’s to enter it as well. Do you need help making a form or entry thingy? Or do you have a plan alredy?

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      2. they just comment on this post saying they wanna join and then theyre in! they can submit the google docs in the comment section also so i can click on the link and read it


      3. Ok, so make a google docs with it? Also, some people who don’t follow your blog want to join, how do they enter? They can’t get to any of your posts or see any comments. Even if they follow you now, your posts don’t show up unless you post something new.😕

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  1. Reblogged this on Miraculus Homeschool and commented:
    Hey Guys!
    Yeah……… I’m back after *when was my last post?* *EEEEEK! 2 months ago……………….hehehh*
    Anyway, I will be posting more now that life has settled down, sorry for missing you guys’ posts and all that other stuff (i’m so ashamed😅)
    I wanted to let you all know I will be entering this short story writing contest and hopefully I will have a ton of competition cause if I win I’m gonna be surprised. My writing skills are not top tier.

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  2. Good luck to everyone that has entered! I am sorry I did not enter since you said you didn’t have a lot of people entering but it’s hard to write and edit a story in time when I don’t have a lot of time to do so. I should’ve seen if I had a short story already written on the computer. I would have also had one, but I haven’t written them on the computer.

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